Callsign: Queen - Book I (a Zelda Baker - Chess Team Novella) (Jack Sigler Thrillers)

Callsign: Queen - Book I (a Zelda Baker - Chess Team Novella) (Jack Sigler Thrillers)

Jeremy Robinson, David Wood

Language: English

Pages: 112

ISBN: 0983601798

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

At the beginning of her search for Rook, a missing Chess Team member, Zelda Baker, Callsign: Queen, is redirected to Pripyat, Ukraine, a ghost town on the radioactive outskirts of Chernobyl. Intel indicates that a splinter cell of Manifold Genetics--a ruthless corporation dismantled by Chess Team--may be operating in the area. Tasked with confirming the existence of a Manifold facility, Queen begins a recon sweep of the abandoned town in search of clues, but soon finds herself fighting for her life. Something sinister lurks beneath the decaying, surreal remnants of Pripyat's never-used amusement park, and it rises up to greet Queen. In Pripyat, the streets are empty, the derelict buildings crumble, but the bodies...are fresh.

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stun him but not hard enough to kill him. “Are you working for Manifold Genetics?” she whispered. The man blinked, his eyes a bit foggy, and then he nodded. “Are you experimenting on people here?” The man shrugged. “You’re lying.” She pressed down on the knife. His head was rapidly clearing, and as his eyes focused in on Queen, surprise and fear melted away, replaced by contempt. It had happened far too many times—her size and looks invited underestimation, especially from stupid people, who

is not located next to the town square. It’s actually located on the western edge of town, and a different, not so well-known building stands in the spot where we’ve placed Fujiyama. Fujiyama is a well-known site in Pripyat and it would have been a shame to leave it out. Thanks for reading! # # # CLICK HERE to discover more Jeremy Robinson novels at his Kindle-optimized E-book store! ABOUT THE AUTHORS JEREMY ROBINSON is the author of eleven novels including PULSE, INSTINCT, and

got her first good look at it, she could do nothing but stare in mute disbelief. Oleg, for his part, finally overcame his paralysis, uttering a strangled cry and raising his hands in a futile attempt at self-defense. The thing, whatever it was, smashed him to the ground, clawing, biting and snarling with rage. It was only when the monster ripped out Oleg’s throat that Armina managed to lower her camera and run. Chapter 2 The skies over Kiev, Ukraine Queen answered her sat phone on

returning soon, and had left virtually all of their belongings behind. The city remained closed, a living time capsule memorializing the disaster. Looters and vandals had since stripped Pripyat of anything of value, but reminders lay everywhere of the people that had once called this place home. Queen broke through a tree line surrounding the city and paused, scanning the spectral skyline, black against the moonlit sky. Abandoned buildings, now only dark husks, stood arrayed like black

beast shoved away from her and was gone. It seemed to have melted, wraithlike, into the darkness. Knife held out in front of her, she scrambled back toward the corner, feeling around for her pistol. Her hand fell upon cool metal and she clutched it like a life preserver as a loud clang of iron on iron rang out. She caught a glimpse of one of the heavy bed frames hurtling toward her, and she rolled to the side just as it smashed to the floor with a thundering boom, landing in the spot where she

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